Five Years for Pretty Girls Too!

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Today’s Certifiably CheerMAD product and product endorsement is: Pretty Girl Cosmetics, a division of ColorOn Beauty.

What do you do when your daughter’s rec cheer squad wants its eye makeup to be glittery and have the “Wow” factor but the team color is green?

If you are a chemist, like Colleen Dugan, you mix and match until you’ve concocted the most beautiful hue of green that citizens of Emerald City would envy.

“Let’s face it, green is not the most complimentary eye shadow,” Colleen said. “And from a distance, the kids looked like raccoons."

After years of being a cheer mom and sitting on the sidelines watching the coaches interact with the cheerleaders, Colleen said she felt disconnected.

“I wanted to help the team in my own way,” she said.

While many cheer moms might interact by hosting bonding events or putting together goodie bags, Colleen used her chemistry skills and put together a cheer makeup kit as a gift for daughter Merisa and her team.

“I knew that makeup was not in the budget so I gifted all 15 girls a makeup kit as a competition gift for the season,” Colleen said. “The girls were so excited to receive makeup kits in their team colors that they all convinced me to start selling team makeup kits to other cheer teams.

“I never thought I was an entrepreneur at the time but when I look how far Pretty Girl Cosmetics has grown and is now a division of my new company ColorOn Professional, I feel I am a cheermompreneur for sure!”

Colleen and I met through mutual friends soon after I launched CheerMAD in 2011. We had a lot in common, two of the newest to join the competitive cheer industry, we’d talk on the phone about our experiences and learned from each other’s growth. We both wanted to be a participant in our daughters’ lives by using our own skills: mine as a writer, Colleen as a chemist. As a scientist, Colleen has a logical way of thinking that keeps her out of the sometimes competitive knit-picking and gossip of the industry. I’ve found her to always be fair and helpful, even at times when we were at different ends of a project.

But it’s her exceptional customer service that puts her in such high regard with cheer moms and dads.