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CheerMAD is an acronym for Cheer Moms and Dads as well as a play on words for those of us who are crazy for our kids, who just happen to cheer.


Certifiably Insane? Not quite.

Certifiably Crazy? Almost.

Certifiably Mad about your cheerleader? 




In the past we've written about Certifiably CheerMADs who have


-Scheduled brain surgery around the cheer season.


-Put weddings on hold when their Allstar got a bid and was now going to Worlds. 


So many great CheerMADs and supporting and informing them is what Certifiably CheerMAD is all about.


In its first year, a contest was held in which CheerMAD gave away a two -week vacation (that included a cruise and week in Miami) to, what a prestigious panel of judges comprised of industry leaders, deemed the ultimate Certifiably CheerMAD:

A father stationed in Iraq who came home to surprise his daughter and attend her first Allstar comp.


CheerMAD also supports cheer moms and dads who see a niche in the cheer market that they think they can contribute to. The Certifiably CheerMAD Stamp of Approval award goes to businesses owned and operated by cheer parents


If you have a child in Allstars, you are Certifiably CheerMAD one way or another.


"I drive six hours for a two-and-a-half-minute routine" or "Buy frozen peas not for the nutritional value but because they make great ice packs." or the mantra ten months out of the year "I can't. She has cheer." 


We're all Certifiably CheerMAD!

Announcing the launch of the National Cheer Parents Association

The organization of the first national coalition of cheer parents to effect change has launched.


The National Cheer Parents Association LLC will provide, among other things, parent friendly data, industry-wide accountability, gym information, lobbying, safety watch dogs and legal representation.


Development by cheer dad Peter Difilippantonio out of “hopeful frustration” was necessary, he says, because of an industry paid for by people who have no say in what happens.


Corporate team builder on weekdays and passionate cheer parent on weekends, Peter is dad to four children with varying levels of cheer participation over the four seasons since oldest child Saylor, now 11, saw Bring It On and thought it looked cool (second from left in photo). 

Siblings Piper, 10, (photos below) has cheered four seasons and is on Arizona Element Elite International J3 this season. Lincoln, 8, cheered for a season but this year the family’s sole boy opted out for Jiu Jitsu. Story, 7, is currently in her second season and a proud Mini 1.


Mom Katie, Peter says, does everything that a cheer mom does. “Put your child into (the best program) you think is the best.” 


And to Peter, that’s the tricky part.


“As a dad, it was so frustrating...How do you evaluate a gym? We are making a $10,000 investment and have no hard information that is going to help us make that decision."


With expertise in tech startups, corporate evaluation and researching quantitative data in the business world, Peter has been unable to find the same in the Allstar industry. 


“It was a post in CheerMAD last spring about USASF’s policy on makeup and hair that got me thinking that the disconnect between industry leaders and parents is greater than I realized,” the professional business consultant said in our CheerMAD interview. 


“There’s a lot bigger problem than hair and makeup and very clear issues need to be addressed,” he said.


“It is blatantly ignoring the facts,” Peter decided after watching the USASF webinar at the beginning of this year, called “Challenges of the Sport” which focused on skimpy outfits and makeup.


According to Peter, “The real “Challenges of the Sport” are cost and lack of information for parents to find a quality program. The absence of any unified parent voice has allowed this to happen. There are no consequences, reckoning or accountability unless parents have money to lawyer up."


Peter started educating himself and  participating in social media commentary like CheerMAD under the name Peter John (he believed his last name of 15 letters and seven syllables was too lengthy).


What he found astounded him.


“USASF was founded and funded to be an independent body; Not a single parent; no voting members are on its boards; We pay but we have no authority,” he said.


Most concerning, he said, is the lack of collective intelligence in the cheer world.


“The goal is to have a data base of gym information, to track what the 'best' are on an objective level," Peter continued. "Not the focus so much on Level 5 but what are the well developed programs for mini, youth, Jr. 1 and 2."


The organization is developed to be a central platform for safety issues, product recall and sex-offender alert source for parents. There are also collective buying partnerships to bring discounts to parents.


Other benefits include:

Advocacy to establish Allstar as an officially recognized sport

Representation of Parents' interests in issues or policies of or related to the sport

Advocacy to end/curtail policies and pricing that are not parent or athlete-friendly

Group rates on services

Focus group participation

Gym, Coach, Competition, and Equipment Reviews Database


“This journey is just starting,” Peter said. “But when tens of thousands of parents raise a hand, voice their opinion, hopefully we’ll get a seat at the table.”


There are several levels of membership in the National Cheer Parent Association, including a free membership that gives parents the same rights and representation as a paid membership.  Paid memberships will support the NCPA's efforts on behalf of parents and athletes.


For more information about the National Cheer Parent Association, go to its website at



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* N.C.P.A. is currently in launch phase and a number of these benefits are not currently available. It is our priority to add them at the earliest time, resources permitting.


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