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USASF Reform Isn't Real Change

This morning several programs received "A Call to Action to the members of the All Star Community" with an urgent message to reform the USASF. Reform is needed but it's been shown that the USASF is Varsity (as well as USA Cheer, thanks to a highly well-done investigation on the infestation of pedophiles in the cheer world, as reported by USA TODAY reporters Tricia L. Nadolny and Marisa Kwiatkowski . (See today's story here: )

But, what really annoyed me was, the graphics in the call for reform (screen shots of the solicitation below) continue with "the USASF isn't owned by Varsity, it is owned by YOU, the gym pay the membership fees."

They still don't get it.

I have an issue with this. If this is their reasoning, then it's the CHEER PARENTS who own USASF because WE pay the fees-and the tuition, uniforms, camps, clinics..."

This feels like a USASF redo-just put another coat of paint on it and tow the party line. I've reached out to the "A Call to Action" group and asked for more information about who is behind this, which is not mentioned. So a stealth outreach to programs, outreach campaign for a quick change within 60 days.

The outreach calls for gym owners to be on the USASF board of directors, which I disagree with because if you know anything about Team Blue, certain gyms push Varsity's message inside and out of the gym, who keep the $100,000+ checks as a kickback for attending Varsity events comps, never mind don't give it to the parents who paid all that money to Varsity in the first place (Source: ).

CheerMAD interviewed Matt Stoller, the anti-trust specialist who wrote the first story showing a crack in the blue façade, "The Coming Collapse of a Cheerleading Monopolist" after it was released and featured in May as part of a larger story I've been working on.

Yes, change is needed, but if the same forces are in control of the "new" party line, that is no change at all. Parents, and not "Team Blue" parents (yes there are those as well), should be a major player in any reform. I truly look forward to a change in this industry I love, but this shell-game isn't it.

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