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New Podcast Featured on CheerMAD

I'm very excited to bring you a new CheerMAD feature: "Let's Talk Cheer" with American Cheer Coach Jason Larkins and one of his cheer moms, Brittany Moore. They make a great team (yes coaches and parents can get along!) and the discussion flows as Brittany asks her kids' coach things that we all wish we could ask our kids' coaches. Now Coach Jason shares what he knows with us all.

In this newest episode (a new podcast is released every two weeks) Jason shares with Brittany how the gym is adjusting to NCA flipping to a virtual event and Brittany is also interested in what coaches do after they receive scoresheets. They both share their thoughts on the gym's most recent virtual event with The Spirit Network and recognize that each athlete is on their own personal journey throughout the season. Lastly, Jason shares the quote of the week and why he doesn't debate online

I've admired Jason since 2017 when he wrote a heartfelt and honest post "Why Your Daughter Won't Fly Forever" on his blog "Coach Jason Larkins." CheerMAD re-ran the story because of his heartfelt and honest advice to cheer parents:

"Parents, help athletes understand their true value, that they are significant in this life whether or not they are a flyer or not, whether or not they cheer or not, and that they aren’t any more or any less important, valuable or significant because of their position or status on the team.
Parents, my challenge to you is that you prep your little flyer that she won’t fly forever, and that that’s okay. The reality is that life is ever moving and ever changing. We’ve all heard the mantra, only the strong survive! But I don’t agree with that, it’s not always the strongest or the smartest who survive, but those who are most adaptable...
...Sometimes what’s best for the team is for an athlete to fly, and the next year it’s best for her to base, and the next it’s best for her to go from a Sr team to a Jr team (that’s a whole other blog in itself). But parents, based on my experience, few cheer athletes fly their entire cheer careers and I really think coaches and parents alike need to help our flyers realize that because the day will come when she is no longer a flyer. Either because the position has become too stressful for her, too advanced, she’s outgrown the position, or just flat out she isn’t cheering anymore, either way, the day is coming, don’t let it sneak up on you and devastate your little princess."

Click here to read the blog post in its entirety: Why You're Daughter Won't Fly Forever

Jason started "Let's Talk Cheer" about a year ago and Brittany, one of his cheer moms, became his side-kick. He's focusing on the podcast and is pausing the blog for now. CheerMAD is truly happy to bring him to our readers.

Here's more information about Jason and Brittany:

Jason has been the Cheer Director at American Cheer in since May of 2016. Since joining the Bakersfield California gym, multiple teams have won The Summit and NCA nationals. In 2019 he was awarded Varsity’s Pinnacle award for "Coach of the Year" and during these past few summers he has been a much sought after speaker at coach's conferences. Before working at American he coached for several years at Pacific Coast Magic at the same time coaching cheer at the collegiate level for California Baptist University.

He and his wife Ashley have been married since January of 2015 and have one baby girl Joie born in July of 2020.

"If you love cheer, you’ll love this podcast," Jason says. "In this episode (Feb. 11, 2021) we’re talking about how we’re adjusting to NCA going virtual, scoresheets and our most recent virtual competition with The Spirit Network."

Brittnay's ten-year-old twins, Kenslei and Rylin, have been Allstars for three years. They cheer on American Cheer's medium junior 1 team "Jr. White." Aside from her CheerMAD title she has worked in produce for nine years.

"I started working again after the twins turned one," she says. "Crazy how time flies because they are ten now and will be eleven this year."

"In my spare time (there isn’t much of it) I enjoy making tee shirts and anything crafty," "My husband and I enjoy snowboarding, watching the girls cheer and hanging out at home with neighbors and our kids! I look forward to Sundays because I turn the radio on, do laundry, clean and we do a big Sunday dinner most of the time."

Let's Talk Cheer Podcast will be featured on CheerMAD every other Tuesday. This month's first episode is available here:


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