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CheerMAD's 10 Year Anniversary

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It's CheerMAD's anniversary and as always, you get the gifts!

And in its honor @RebelAthleticCheer is donating a “Clueless” inspired uniform. Covered in solid crystal, the Black and White version is worth more than $2,500. The yellow one is not solid covered in stones, and retails for around $500.

Just the other day, Rebel revealed these two, gorgeous, crystal encrusted uniforms during its Couture Week photo shoot in Curacao, and they’ve turned out to be the favorite.

Entering this giveaway is easy:

1. Download the CheerWeek App (CheerMAD’s sister brand) and create a profile and start following its social media. 2. 2. 2.Subscribe to CheerMAD at “LIKE” and follow its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Everyone wants these Clueless inspired uniforms and we’re happy to give one away to celebrate CheerMAD’s 10-year anniversary,” said Karen Noseff Aldridge, President, Rebel Athletic Inc.; the "Original Luxury Couture Cheerleading Uniform Company" for All-star, School and Rec programs.

Rebel has been very generous to CheerMAD from its start, providing giveaways for many contests.

“Rebel was the first company to show its appreciation for cheer parents through CheerMAD,'' said Lisa D. (Welsh) Hall, President. “I’m so grateful for their constant support.”

When asked if they would like to sponsor CheerMAD’s 10th Anniversary, Noseff-Aldridge and Abby Hoeffner, Vice President of Marketing, didn’t hesitate and immediately said. “Yes, yes, yes! 100 percent yes!”

In addition to one of these Clueless cheer couture uniforms (the winner can choose which one they want), Rebel has provided other prizes we’ll be giving away during CheerMAD’s 10-month celebration.

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