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CheerMAD Videos Help Keep Cheer Alive.

Virtual challenges are one way to uplift our cheerleaders and when CheerMADs get involved, help to keep that unique bond connection. Here are some of the videos we received when we asked readers to show us their cheerification while social distancing.

We're sending a "Certifiably CheerMAD Certificate'" created in our new style, to the following CheerMADs for sending in these submissions:

Caroline Pippin; Steel Athletics

Addison La Fountain; East Celebrity Elite

Dawn de los Santos; Planet Spirit

Ashlyn Park; Bravo

Letasha Nicole; Pythons

Melissa O'Malley-Boulus; GymTyme

Lauren Fewer; Cheer Force

Ashley West; Supreme Athletics

Chanel Cannada and Melissa Prosser; Island Allstars

Amanda Kuula-Johnson; Wildcats

Katherine Wardlaw; Savannah Sharks Allstar

STEELE Athletics

CheerMADs and their daughters

East Celebrity Elite

2018 and 2019 Worlds Champion Bombshells:

Supreme Athletics

Various team members

Planet Spirit

Athletes from teams Hail, Rain and Freeze



Python Allstars

Nova Pythons Senior 3 Coed

Python Allstars

MALAYA Pythons J2

GymTyme Illinois

Vixen Senior 3

CheerForce Elite

Island Allstars

J2 Mission Impossible


Tiny Cub Bonding Photo

Savannah Sharks Allstar

And the one we saw first and got this going

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