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CheerMAD 2:30 April 8, 2022

CheerMAD 2:30

Enjoy CheerMAD’s new weekly round up of all things cheer you can read in just 2 minutes, thirty seconds.

So much going on this time of year! Of course there are the all important practices and comps, conditioning and last minute routine tweaks, here's the week's highlights.

---Quinnipiac Acrobatics and Tumbling is wrapping up its 2022 regular season with a road contest on Saturday before preparing for National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association’s National Championship in two weeks. Special congrats to Quinnipiac University graduate student Cassidy Osher who earned her second consecutive NCATA Honorable Mention after an outstanding effort against Oregon Wednesday.

The Open Championship Series announces the Allstar World Championship VIP Party will be held Saturday, April 23, 2022, from 7:00PM to 10:00PM at Icon Park! View VIP Party details and RSVP for the VIP Party at the following link: #allstarworldchampionship

This weekend we’ll be enjoying:

—Summit Regionals

—End-of-season celebrations, show offs and showcases

—Tryouts (!)

— National Cheerleaders Association Collegiate Championships in Daytona.

—APEX Championships’ Cheer MAX Nationals in Ohio.

—CHEERFIT training.

---Rebel Athletic Cheer Reveals.

---A special Congratulations to Colby Burns —stellar athlete turned-coach-program director and now OWNER of East Celebrity Elite-Oakdale.

—Summer cheer camp registrations-here's "Cheer Fest" a great new camp to check out.

Longtime industry leader Kellie Elliott has partnered with Olympic gymnasts, John McCready and John Roethlisberger who own Flip Fest and Casey Jones, owner of Stingrays to bring a NEW camp for cheerleaders to the mid-Atlantic and the south.

Info about Cheer Fest: May 29-June 3 and August 14-19, 2022

CHEER FEST is the newest, residential camp premiering this summer. Located on 150 beautiful acres of Lake Frances in Crossville, TN (the same property of the popular Flip Fest), Cheer Fest will be have top coaches and owners from various programs to train these Cheer Fest campers. There will be gym owners, coaches, VIP athletes and even Olympic Gymnasts for your athletes to meet and learn from. This first summer, Cheer Fest is offering two separate weeks: May 29-June 3 and August 14-19, 2022. Next year, Cheer Fest will be offering more weeks with the goal to build its own state-of-the-art Cheerleading training facility. This will ensure Cheer Fest and Flip Fest athletes can attend camp together and train in their own sport specific gyms.

Because we don't want to go under our two minutes and thirty seconds of CheerMADness,

lets look back at last weekend's Next Level Nationals presented by All Out Championships.

All Out Championships is a one-of-a-kind cheer and dance event producer and we've experienced the difference. All Out Championships calls Orlando, Florida home to our world headquarters.

"We are a kid-focused, family-friendly cheer company with a strong background in high school, all star, and collegiate cheerleading and dance. Our extensive knowledge of cheerleading competitions has already made us the talk of the industry," said Emilee Fenn, co-brand owner.

Emilee has been in the industry for 16 years as an event producer and a combined 25+ as an athlete, coach, judge and EP!

"I love this sport and the long-term values it offers to athletes," she said.

Emilee believes cheerleading gives athletes the opportunity to develop their individual athleticism along with achieving goals with a team.

"Next year we look forward to four, 2-Day premier National events next season! The high level, interactive production and amazing awards will absolutely stand out amongst industry options, and quickly become your programs favorite event.


























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