Are you a Rookie, Veteran or Pro CheerMAD?

This is a special CheerMAD blog post written by Meghan Moi who's been a CheerMAD to two daughters: one decided she didn't like Allstars and stopped cheering when she was an undefeated Cheer Athletics' Youth, Level 1 Kittykatz. The other, Boo -seen right, won the 2018 Worlds Championship as a Cheer Athletics' Cheetah and for the last two years has been an International Global Coed 6 CrewCat.

"What's awesome about her is she has been a flyer the whole time she's cheered but this year, they trained her to base as well. So she became a triple threat: She bases an elite, flies as an elite and doubles in her routines," Meghan said.

As a Veteran CheerMAD of 11 years, Meghan has gained lots of perspective.

"Flyers and parents often get wrapped up in making that (being a flyer) their identity and are devastated when they are grounded and a lot of times quit. I am so proud that she learned to base Level 6 so quickly and did all of it without a complaint."

Meghan wrote the following comparisons of "Rookie, Veteran or Pro" on her Facebook page and after sharing it on "The Crazy Moms of Cheer" Facebook page, a couple of other CheerMADs added to it (and credited below). I bet you find yourself nodding in agreement and laughing at at least one of her scenarios as you recognize yourself. I know I did!

It's funny to think of the things I focused on when I was a Rookie parent," Meghan said when I asked her how the post came about.

"Living in Texas, I'm bored during Snovid so I wrote this just for fun," she continued.

"Keep in mind this is just my opinion. Please don't get offended. We all go through it! And if you have your own example, post in comments."

The difference between Rookie, Veteran and Pro cheer parents.

By Meghan Moi

Rookie: Pays someone to do child's hair and make up. Veteran: Does hair and make up for child and for half the team. Pro: Do your own damn hair and make up.

Rookie: Follows the gym's makeup tutorial to the "T" on what to buy and it should look. Vet: Finds cheaper makeup but still follows gym tutorial. Pro: Lets kid do whatever they want with their own make up.

Rookie: Fights with child to tears, spending hours trying to get hair just perfect. Buys every hair product out there. Finally buys Pro's hair piece at end of season. Veteran: Kid is an ambassador for one of the cheer hairsprays. May use hair piece if they feel like it but also uses the cheer hair hacks they learned from other Vets. Pro: Kid does hair themselves in five minutes, but it still looks cute.

Rookie: Wakes kid up at 4 am to get ready for a 10 am meet time. Veteran: Has a routine down and gets kid up at 7 am for a 10 am meet time. Pro: Kid gets up an hour before meet time to get ready themselves.

Rookie: Videos everything and takes 10,000 pics every comp. Buys every single photo their kid might be in from comp photography. Veteran: Buys a nicer camera to take videos and pics. Screen shots video for own action shots. Only buys a great action shot, if there even is one. Pro: Screen shots comp pics once uploaded on line and posts the ones her athlete approves. Forgets to buy them.

By Melissa Heimbauch:

Rookie: Obsesses over child's team level. Asks why their child can’t be on a Level ____ team because they sort, of kind of, have a back walkover. Veteran: Appreciates how far their child has come and celebrates the team their child made. Pro: What team(s) did we make? Cool.

Rookie: Cleans shoes with their own whitening concoctions and a tooth brush before each comp. Veteran: Buys a new pair or two (or three) each season but doesn't clean them. Pro: Kid wears the same shoes for three seasons even if brown, has holes and falling apart. They are good luck.

Rookie: Searches high and low for the best "no show" white socks. Veteran: Buys a new pack of Walmart "no show" socks for each comp because kid already lost them all. Pro: Do you even need socks? How about "no show, no socks?" Fine here's a pair of Dad's. Deal.

Rookie: Hires a company to reapply crystals that have fallen off uniform. Veteran: Have learned how to reapply crystals themselves. Might even charge friends to do it for them. Pro: You will wear this uniform with missing crystals and rips until you are 18 or team switches uniforms. You will make it fit.

Rookie: Arrives three hours before comp, gets their seats early and sits there the whole time. Veteran: Has drinks at hotel bar until division starts. Pro: