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CheerMAD Parents Panel Takes on Worlds

We're Going CheerMAD at Worlds with members of the new CheerMAD Parents Panel posting and sharing all weekend.

Starting tonight on the eve of Worlds, we'll begin introducing you to several members whose kids are competing, and some not competing this weekend. Then over the next several weeks, at Summit and D2, others will post.

CheerMAD announced that it was taking applicants for this new group two months ago and the result represents a variety of cheer parents.

I’m very pleased with the outcome.

These are parents who are informed and involved. Some have athletes competing this weekend at Worlds, others will be at Summit and still others at D2. They represent large well known gyms, smaller gyms you’ve heard of and gyms that are relatively new.

They are from the North, South, East and West, there’s even one from Nebraska! They are international CheerMADs. There are parents of special needs athletes and parents of Allstars that are cheering their last year and moving onto college cheer. Their kids cheer in high school and on several All Star teams. They have one child in cheer, they have four children in Allstars, and all are Certifiably CheerMAD!

We’re also very proud to announce that over Worlds, Summit and D2, Rebel Athletic and Varsity Spirit will be supporting the cheer parent voice. CheerMAD remains the number one cheer mom and dad information source and it's an important mesage that two of the biggest cheer companies in the industry have taken note. Rebel is sponsoring the CheerMAD Parent Panel by outfitting members’ athletes with its Dream Bags and Apparel. During Summit and D2 coverage will be embellished with sponsored content by Varsity Spirit and CheerMAD will have an exclusive update on the new cheer venue at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

As always, CheerMAD remains dedicated to its authentic and independent voice, supporting the cheer parent: the real customer of this $4 Billion sport. For the last six years, we grew CheerMAD from 10,000 readers in the first six weeks to more than seven million last year, and are running at an average of 300,000 social media impressions PER DAY!

Speaking of, introducing some of the CheerMAD Parent Panel members that will be posting through Worlds...


Facebook:; Twitter: @cheermads and Instagram: cheer_mad


Two daughters, Faith, 16 and Lauren 14.

Gym: Cheer Athletics, Plano, Texas

Teams: Sr. 5 All Girl; Jr. 5 Coed

Attends 12-14 comps a year, including Worlds, Summit, NCA, UCA, The Majors, Champions League and US Finals. His favorite is NCA because it’s “in my backyard, no travel, it’s the super bowl of cheer and because of the energy in the arena.”

What makes Chris Certifiably CheerMAD?

“I have been a cheer dad for almost 12 years and only missed two competitions. I have sacrificed so much to make my girls’ dreams come true: we moved to Dallas so that they could cheer at Cheer Athletics. I missed my (Chicago) Cubs win the World Series for cheer!”


Tracyee is a long-time CheerMAD: today there are more than 33,000 Facebook "LIKES" and she was our 1,000th. Daughter Gillian is a 2016 Majors Champion and 2016 Worlds Medalist cheering on Stingrays’ Large Senior Level 5. She's on Orange again this year, her last as an Allstar. But don’t worry about having t say goodbye to Traycee, her two other children will continue cheering for Stingrays.


This is daughter Olivia’s third year cheering on Pro Athletics’ Worlds team, frist as a Lady Pro and for the last two years a PROED, the gym's Small Sr. Coed. Other comps she’s competed in include NCA, CHEERSPORT, UCA, All Star Games and Cheer Alliance in which she won many National Titles, with mom by her side all the way. Kelly has been involved with her youngest of three children’s sport in other ways as well serving as President of the gym’s Booster Club for the past two years.


Shannon has been avid CheerMAD since I met her and did a story on her family during CheerMAD’s first year. Shannon’s daughter Brenna will be competing at Worlds for the first time this year on East Celebrity Elite’s Medium Senior 5 team the Bombshells. Shannon has served as CheerMAD’s Editor-in-Truth the past several years writing “hold-no-punches-back” stories that say what everyone is thinking. She is an advocate of children’s health needs, having another younger daughter Brigette who was born with congenital heart and other issues. Shannon’s two other children, both boys are active football players, one in high school, the other in Pop Warner.

Meet all of the CheerMAD Parent Panel members in coming weeks: Jen, Leticia, Susan, Eileen, Renee, Jennifer, Deborah, Ginny, Danyel, Quiana, Frank, Angie, Jessica, Sandra, Helen, Jackie, Vickie, AJ, Lisa, Tim, Shannon, Matt, Regina, Christen, Melissa, Amy, Sandra, Ann, Michelle, Chloe and Keith.

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