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EXCLUSIVE ANNOUCEMENT: Become a Member of America’s Exciting New Cheer Community!

Angel Rice of Stingray Allstars caught mid "X-Out." Rice is the Guinness World Record holder for most double-full-twists performed in one minute. She also represents Team USA for Tumbling with USA Gymnastics, which is not currently an Olympic sport. “Hopefully they put my sport in the Olympics,” said Rice. Photo provided by Rice family.

We all would agree that the cheer world is due greater respect as a sport—which is only further emphasized by the 2016 Olympics opening in Rio.

An exciting new cheer community is all about making that happen:

CheerWeekAmerica will officially take place October 16-22; but it officially launches this week and chose CheerMAD to spread the word, because its developers recognize how important the cheer parent is!

CheerWeekAmerica is a online space for cheerleaders to come together, share their original content and videos, and be recognized by major college coaches and recruiters, via a partnership with CaptainU.

“CaptainU is the leading US company bringing together young athletes and college recruiters,” The CheerWeekAmerica team told CheerMAD. “So partnering with them perfectly realizes our goal of working towards greater mainstream respect for cheer as a serious sport. We’ve even launched a ‘Make cheer an Olympic sport’ petition!”

The main criteria for membership in CheerWeekAmerica is being a cheerleader who is crazy for cheer, any level, any type (Rec, Allstar, Pop Warner, High School) and want to connect with other cheerleaders who feel the same way. Just like kids already do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, they post about what is going on in their lives, school, gym, team, in a positive, upbeat, helpful, supportive way. The big difference with CheerWeekAmerica is they are connecting with those who can truly relate to all the hardwork, sacrifice and commitment that they make to cheer: other cheerleaders.

All in a safe, "by-membership" community, which also offers great discounts, deals and giveaways from national sponsors like Betsey Johnson.

The “all cheerleader, only cheerleader” community (with parent access of course) is available through a modest $25 membership, and new exclusive offers and discounts are offered all year round. And while no internet site is 100% trouble-free, CheerWeekAmerica is monitored, videos receive approval and another layer of protection, and the added layer of payment and credit card records discourages those with ill intentions. Your child’s safety is priority (And yours-we would never share your information with anyone)!

To become a member of CheerWeekAmerica, click here:

This new cheer community’s ultimate goal of greater recognition for cheerleaders’ abilities and hard work will be realized by top national sponsors.

“We have the coolest cheer gear partners, as well as those in music, fashion and beauty, like Pretty Girl Cosmetics, PoshPak and many more to come. And where else can you go to upload your videos onto a special dedicated cheer channel?” CheerWeekAmerica said.

Members will have the opportunity to share their content on the CheerWeekAmerica Channel, officially launching next week – and to be seen by the wider cheer community, including top college recruiters and coaches.

But mostly, CheerWeekAmerica wants to emphasize, “It’s meant to be fun!”

CheerMAD is proud to be the first media outlet to announce this great new community for our kids. It also shows that CheerWeekAmerica and its national, mainstream sponsors value the cheer parent’s role in the industry. Cheer parents are the number one influencer in our athlete’s lives and this new, nationally recognized program respects that.

As an official sponsor, CHEERMAD IS GIVING THE FIRST 500 NEW MEMBERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THEIR VIDEO POSTED TO CHEERMAD'S FACEBOOK PAGE (A $250 value), as well as on the CheerWeekAmerica Channel, which will be launched next week. So get going on your best video display of what makes you the new Cheer America!

To become a member of CheerWeekAmerica click here:

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