Relaunch, Redesign, Rejuvenate.

Welcome to the relaunch, redesign and rejuvenation of

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And what better time to celebrate than on the eve of Allstars' most remembered performances of the year: WORLDS!

For the most part, CheerMAD remain the same: an authentic, upbeat, informative and positive reflection of cheer as seen through the eyes of cheer moms and dads: CheerMADs. We're the ones paying for this $4 Billion industry, not to mention driving our kids to and from practices, flying six hours to watch a 2.5 minute routine...we're CERTIFIABLY CheerMAD and love every minute of it.

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The first thing you probably noticed is CheerMAD is brighter and bolder; simpler to use yet more informative. You'll see more of 'Editor in Truth' Shannon Kaiser (see her blog NCA No Nos). A long-time CheerMADs guest blogger, no one speaks from the heart and still pulls no punches, like Shannon. We'll be archiving all of the original Certifiably CheerMAD blogs but are starting out with some of my favorites posts; Classic CheerMAD as it were, favorites from the first year we launched.

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The day Shannon and I first met

But what will stand out most, I think, is the "sponsored by" tag.

It's taken nearly four years for CheerMAD to accept a sponsor, a responsibility I haven't taken lightly. Offers in the early stages of CheerMAD were tempting but I wanted an advertising-free-zone for parents: we are the ones paying for this sport and I wanted a place where parents felt they werenít getting nickled and dimed every time they turned around.

Most importantly, I wanted CheerMAD to be a place for parents to 'receive' instead of 'give' for once. That's why I am so honored and proud to introduce Cheerobics® as our very first sponsor!

In the short months that I've been working with Cheerobics® creator Jessica Zoo, I have become more than impressed with her drive and knowledge about conditioning, strengthening and performance improvement which her products promote. Already I have benefited from her expertise on social media and marketing. If her expertise on the relaunch of CheerMAD is any indication, the latest Cheerobics® venture: which specialises in websites for the cheer industry, is going to be the most successful yet.

Jessica has brought CheerMAD to a very professional level... we're CHEER moms and dads... we shouldn't look like a "mom and pop" enterprise.

"My company has been studying a number of cheer brands for sponsorship purposes for the past six months, and we recognised that CheerMAD had the most potential for growth. We know they have such a great following and we believe that cheer moms and dads are the true pillars that are building the cheer industry" Jessica said in our first conversation.

"Above all, I love working with brilliant people on interesting, enriching projects - and living every day with as much zeal as if it were my last, and found a like-minded soul in Lisa," she continued.

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Cheerobics® was launched in 2010 to improve all aspects of fitness through exhilarating activity which burns up to 700 calories per session. (See more in PRODUCTS tab) Featured in a number of TV shows including the Dr. Oz show and other media: Women's Fitness; Daybreak; Fox News; WeightWatchers; American Fitness; and Zest; Cheerobics® got alot of attention for it's fun approach to fitness and effective workout methods.

"Being a competitive cheerleader represents the top ability of the entire cheerleading world, and being an athlete goes far beyond belonging to a competitive team. Dedication to ongoing physical and mental development, while having the humility to understand that you represent a larger community who looks up to you, is how true champions are made," Jessica said.

Find out more about the INTENSITY™ program for athletes

The Cheerobics® INTENSITY™ program was designed for this purpose. To push cheerleaders to the best of their abilities, develop their motor skills, power, speed and endurance that will maximise what their body is capable of. Having created and launched a number of commercial projects in the dance, cheerleading, marketing and media industries Jessica became established as a Social Media consultant and trainer for a number of prestigious brands. Which is why when she reached out to me, I was ready to hear her talk.

With Jessica's support and experience in social media and marketing, I'm very excited at the potential advances in CheerMAD.

When I began CheerMAD nearly four years ago, I had no idea what I was getting my self into. Ignorance sure is bliss. I just knew I was ready for something new to try and in 2011 blogging was the newest thing. They say write what you know and after a dozen or more years as a cheer mom, I knew as much about being a cheer mom as anyone.

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Working full time, I would write in the quiet of the night, until 3 a.m. and then schedule the blog to post at 6 a.m. The first three months I posted four times a week. I had a lot to say.

Alot of CheerMAD has been "learn as you go along." I now know that a blog has a life of 36 hours; not 24. I know the cheer travel schedule makes Tuesdays and Thursdays the best days to post. I've learned a lot more too.


Most importantly, I've learned I can't do it alone, and thankfully I don't have to. I have learned so much from all of you; the more than 600,000 CheerMAD who follow our social media:, facebook (23,000 LIKES!), Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. And I hope we continue this crazy life of cheer moms and dads through this relaunch and many more to come!

If You:

  • Have a wardrobe in the colors of the gym where your child cheers,

  • Buy frozen peas not for their nutritional value but because they make great ice packs,

  • Drive three hours to watch your child perform for two and a half minutes,

  • Know you donít put babies to sleep in a cradle,

  • Have the best parking spaces at arenas throughout the region programmed into your GPS,

  • Can't talk above a whisper on Mondays because you lost your voice cheering on your cheerleader all weekend,

Then you are...

Certifiably CHEERMAD


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