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Full Out Forever

I’m watching my nine-year-old go through a routine in front of the television.


If you’re CHEERMaD then you know that a flat screen isn’t really for watching television, it’s a reflective surface for cheerleaders to watch themselves. For that matter, the front yard is really a tumble track in disguise. And my king size bed isn’t really for sleeping; it’s a great mat for practicing double-downs.

And my daughter isn’t even a flyer.

In front of the television Rachel can take any position her heart desires. Best entertainment I’ve seen on the set in years. She’s full of attitude and is mouthing words to a track in her head. She’s concentrating so much, I don’t know if she’s at CheerSport, Spirit Cheer, Jamfest or another competition.

Then I realize she’s not doing her routine at all. It’s another team’s.

How these kids remember what they are doing in their own routine, never mind another’s amazes me. I guess that’s the magic of repetition.

This time of year ~the beginning of a new season, it’s repetition, repetition, repetition and now I see why. Rachel could do her routine and many other team’s programs in her sleep. In fact, according to Becky, who occasionally lets Ray stay with her at night, she does do the routine in her sleep.

That might explain why the sheets are on the floor in the morning. Rachel’s not only spending every spare waking moment around the house cheering, she’s also doing it in her sleep.

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