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Certifiably CheerMAD Gallery

Highlights of the CheerMADness.

My Family Album.

Some of my favorite photos from 18 seasons as a cheer mom.


Our family dove into Allstars headfirst (not to mention blindfolded) after my oldest daughter Becky (now 25) attended a one-week summer cheerleading camp at 5 Star Academy--one of the first Allstar gyms in our home state of Massachusetts. The third day of camp, the soon-to-be third grader was asked to stay late and practice with one of the gym's teams.


Of course little sister (Rachel) wanted to do what her sister was doing; 18 years later my daughters and I have traveled the country gathering memories I'll forever treasure.

Met along the way... et me.


One of the greatest joys I have in creating CheerMAD is meeting amazing cheer parents.


The dressed-up and cheering CheerMADs, the quiet working-behind the scenes ones, the proactive and sit-back parents. All have their athlete's best interest in mind. 


That's what makes us Certifiably CheerMAD.


Here are a few I'll never forget..


The CheerMAD Parents Panel members participate all season by posting on CheerMAD's social media and write blog posts that are unique to their perspective. These great parents include: a dad who moved his family across country so his daughters could cheer at the gym of their dreams; a mom who juggles the activities of four children, including one with very special medical issues;  a mom of twin Allstars; a cheer granny; a mom of a special needs athlete; a highschool cheer mom; a dad who dresses up like no other cheer parent; a mom of four Allstars; a mom of a multi-times Worlds Champion; and a foster mom of two in Allstars.

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