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These Cheer M-oms A--nd D-ads are living the CheerMAD life just like you! They participate all season by posting on CheerMAD's social media and write blog posts that are unique to them: a dad who moved his family across country to cheer at they gym of his daughter's dreams, a mom who juggles the activities of four children, one with very special medical issues;  a mom of twin Allstars; a highschool cheer mom; a dad who dresses up like no other cheer parent we've seen to support his cheerleader; a mom of four cheering in Allstars; a mom of a collegiate cheerleader; a dad whose son is in his first year at one of the most elite gyms in the country; a mom of a multi-times Worlds Champion; a foster mom of two in Allstars. There are 33 in all this season. 

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