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Hey guys! I'm Keith Vierra and a Cheer dad to Brandon at Cheer Athletics in Plano, TX. I'd like to share a quick note I put out to the Dads of our team as a way to help bring the men together in the cheer life we live.


I'm a huge believer in trying to get Dads involved in helping make a difference in the gym, the team, the coaches and ultimately their athletes. A small dedication goes a long way to the support of a child and will help them be the very best they can be on and off the competition floor!!

I encourage your guys to ask about starting a Dads Club for their team / gym, they might be surprised what type of support they get back!!

My Note to the Dad's....

We're first timers at CA and just now getting to know a couple of the other Dads in the gym, All great guys! Typically, Dads are there for support and guidance but are always in the background ready to help do whatever their kids need. A CA Dads Club can take it to another level by working together to help all the athletes and coaches make this season a little easier. No major commitment, just be willing to help when needed. The CDC (Cheetahs Dads Club) Support Crew is here for all the Dads to be a part of. 
I'd like to throw out the idea of doing a Dad's cook out for the team, coaches and families sometime this summer. The CDC can sponsor the food, drinks or location. Let me know. 
Also, I don't plan on killing you with messages.....Nobody wants that!! 
Thanks for being a great support for your athlete, team and family. and CheerMAD, Certifiably CheerMAD, I can't. She has cheer. and the Certifiably CheerMAD seal of approval and all content and art  are trademarks, copyrighted and intellectual property of Lisa D. Welsh

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