CheerMADs love their spirits

The CheerMAD life comes with its moments of celebration and commiseration. Click left to be prepared for that Summit Bid or Nationals win with four bottles of fine wine selected based on your preferences and delivered every month to your door. All wines are spectacularly chosen from the best available in the world at a price that is out of this world. This monthly service allows you to choose your wine and the amount of bottles that you'd like each month, delivered straight to your door. So not only is your wine available when you are ready for that glass of Pinot or Cabernet, but it is waiting for you! 

How it Works:

  • We’ll recommend 4 bottles for you each month and deliver them to your door.

  • You can modify or skip any scheduled order (no fees!)

  • We will recommend you 4 bottles each month and the total cost of these 4 recommendations will range from $52-$59

  • Shipping included on 4+ bottle orders

  • Membership is free and continues until you cancel.

We search for the best products that fit into the CheerMAD lifestyle and negotiate the best price for you.  Every purchase gives a percentage of that sale back to CheerMAD--you not only save money by ordering through CheerMAD but you help keep the number one source for cheerparents authentic and independent.

CheerMAD is not liable for any purchase made through its affiliate programs. and CheerMAD, Certifiably CheerMAD, I can't. She has cheer. and the Certifiably CheerMAD seal of approval and all content and art  are trademarks, copyrighted and intellectual property of Lisa D. Welsh

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