A Safe Way for Kids to Compete


There's a competition where that's happening.


If you're as curious about this as I was

1. Go to https://www.paragonxl.net/virtual-competition.html to register

2. Gather your athlete(s) and video a 1:30 routine to upload entry

3. Get ready to watch the competition on the free CheerWeek app


The format is "America's Got Talent meets ESPN's Sports Center." I've been working on this long before Covid but with the pandemic and shut-down-openings-shut down-re-openings, studies show that we are  receiving news and entertainment from our mobile devices. 


That's exactly what the CheerWeek App does.


I think parents would be excited to hear about this and, as I consider this group to be leaders in the very important cheer parent world, invite your athletes to participate in the competition, which offers some great prizes, including a role in the upcoming cheer series "Power of RAH!"


Some things to get excited about:

-Low entry fee

-A safe way for your athletes to compete

-More opportunities for your athletes to compete

-Athletes from the same gym will not compete against others on the same team, only against athletes from other gyms, until the finals

-This is a global competition.


Here are some highlights:

Athletes submit a 1.5 minute (no, that's not a typo: it's 1.5 not 2.5) routine as a soloist, duo and trio, that they have choreographed-some gyms are even making this a requirement of their athletes.


This weekly competition will be broadcast on the new CheerWeek App-if you haven't already downloaded the App, it's free and available at the Apple and Google Play stores.