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These Cheer moms and dads are living the CheerMAD life just like you. and me 

They are from all over the world, their kids cheer at some of the most well-known gyms and some from gyms you've never heard of--but they're all Certifiably CheerMAD!

The CheerMAD Parents Panel members participate all season by posting on CheerMAD's social media and write blog posts that are unique to their perspective: a dad who moved his family across country so his daughters could cheer at the gym of their dreams; a mom who juggles the activities of four children, one with very special medical issues;  a mom of twin Allstars; a cheer granny; a mom of a special needs athlete; a highschool cheer mom; a dad who dresses up like no other cheer parent; a mom of four Allstars; a mom of a college cheerleader; a dad whose son is in his first year at one of the most elite gyms in the country; a mom of a multi-times Worlds Champion; a foster mom of two in Allstars and more.






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