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Pictured : Michelle- Mom of Amellia (J2)/co- creator of The Locked Out Cheer Moms; Stephanie- Mom of Alexis (J3/Sr3)/co-creator of TLOCM;Sarah- Mom of Alyssa (J2/J3) and Atley (J2); Gabby- Mom of Molly (Sr 3) and Fiona (Tiny 1); Ashley- Mom of Lachlyn (J2)

A couple of fun, feisty and Certifiably CheerMADs from Kentucky have taken to social media to give us a new way to shake our heads in agreement and laugh at ourselves, w...

                                               Watch Remembering the Legend-Herkie 2015


The summer of 1979 stands out to me for only reason: NCA camp. 


Our coach promised us: the Westboro High School cheerleading squad (yes, that's what we were called) that we were going to spend one week at a  college to learn "f...

 So how'd we get here?


Four years has flown by and my life is very different on many levels now compared to those nights I would stay up until 3 a.m. blogging.  I loved it and kept that schedule, posting three to four times a week during the summer of 2011.  When I found out the name was already taken, I had the wonderful challenge and opportunity to create a new name , one that could incorporate dads as well as m...

It's CheerMAD's 4 year anniversary and, as always, YOU get the gifts!

CheerMAD is beyond happy to announce that its 4 Year Anniversary is sponsored by All Star Outfitters: the number one apparel vendor at All Star events.

 ASO designed and is donating the "Certifiably CheerMAD Stamp of Approval" t-shirt (seen left) which can't be bought anywhere else, and only available here as a gift to cheer parents.

"We wanted to sho...

Travelling to Worlds and the Summit is the reward for being a competitive champion who has exceeded his or her challenges for the season and invited to compete with the best of the best.


Not everyone sees this as a good thing.


After a season which already includes, on average for an elite athlete, five travel comps (to Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, etc) by the end of the year many CheerMADs are left to deal with a...

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