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For those of us whose athletes were constantly put on the spot to defend their cheer status;  “You’re not a cheerleader. What team do you cheer for?” and “Where are your pom-poms?” and, the ever famous, “Cheer is not a sport,” there was a lot of satisfaction yesterday when I turned on NETFLIX and the first show that filled the screen was the trending new docuseries CHEER

For moms like Debbie Butler, w...

The organization of the first national coalition of cheer parents to effect change has launched.

The National Cheer Parents Association LLC will provide, among other things, parent friendly data, industry-wide accountability, gym information, lobbying, safety watch dogs and legal representation.

Development by cheer dad Peter Difilippantonio out of “hopeful frustration” was necessary, he says, because of an industry paid for by...

USASF Athletic Performance Standards discussed.

Colleen Dugan, joined this "crazy world of cheer" in 2005 as a cheer mom. Like many of us, she found a way to improve her daughter's cheer experience by incorporating her professional skills to their needs. That happened when Colleen, a chemist by trade, created a prettier shade of green eyeshadow to match her daughter's cheer colors.

From there she was asked to create other colors...

Victor and Kristen Rosario with daughters Jodi 16, and Demi, 18

Top Gun’s Victor and Kristen Rosario have the rare, if not singular, distinction of experiencing Worlds as athletes, teammates, coaches, gym owners and parents.

Celebrating the gym's 25th anniversary this season, Victor says “it’s rewarding to be where we need to be. The best part is the good times we have with our kids.”

What started out as what Kristen refers to as...

Dear Cheer Moms and Dads of Littles,

Hang in there, it gets better.

I see you dragging that beautiful little cheerleader, whose bow is bigger than her head, behind you. I’m talking to the moms of the grade school babies who live, eat and breathe All Star competition cheer.

The moms who tell their non-cheer mom friends how awesome it is.

It is awesome.

There is nothing like being at a competition watching your daughter and her team...

Leticia Lynn Madden

  • Retired Police officer at NYPD

  • Studied Journalism at Florida State University

  • From Bronx, New York

  • Married to Eddie Madden

  • Mom of four including daughter Hailey, who cheers on Sr. Level 4 at Star Athletics

One of the greatest joys I have in creating CheerMAD is meeting amazing cheer parents. Leticia Madden certainly qualifies as one of them.

I met Leticia through this blog a couple...

Kristi Shaw, head coach and owner of Advanced Cheer Crew in Kansas, talking to Maggie Green

about her mental block.

Mental. Block.

Two of the most dreaded words in cheer.

My daughter, Maggie has been cheering for eight years at a D2 gym in Arkansas City, Kansas and for the last two years had a mental block that prevented her from doing her back handspring.

I know it’s not an advanced skill, everyone else on her team; Rockerz Junio...

Pictured : Michelle- Mom of Amellia (J2)/co- creator of The Locked Out Cheer Moms; Stephanie- Mom of Alexis (J3/Sr3)/co-creator of TLOCM;Sarah- Mom of Alyssa (J2/J3) and Atley (J2); Gabby- Mom of Molly (Sr 3) and Fiona (Tiny 1); Ashley- Mom of Lachlyn (J2)

A couple of fun, feisty and Certifiably CheerMADs from Kentucky have taken to social media to give us a new way to shake our heads in agreement and laugh at ourselves, w...


nce limited to standard park food of burgers and fries, ice cream and soda, food at Walt Disney World has come a long way since I started going there when it first opened (Read Gone Certifiabiy CheerMAD at the Summit Part 1 for more about that).

Thankfully, our athletes have much more nutritious choices that the emergence of Fast Food in the '70s. Salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, seafood and vegetarian meals are just some o...

The Summit combines two of my passions: All star cheerleading and Walt Disney World.

You know I’ve been a cheer mom for 17 seasons, but what you don’t know is, I’ve been going to WDW since it first opened.

Thanks to my grandparents choice to spend their winters of retirement in the Orlando area, I had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World every year thereafter throughout my childhood. Back then it was just the Magic Kingdom...

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