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Certifiably CheerMAD Journals are sold on Amazon.

You've come to the right place if you're looking to share the cheer parent experience: CheerMAD is the number one source for informative content including breaking news and entertainment exclusively created for cheer moms and dads.


While most CHEERMADs can be found in the All Star cheerleading arena they can also be found in the pop warner, recreational, middle, high school and college levels. Many of these are also crossover CheerMADs.

Created by a professional journalist and veteran cheer mom, Lisa D. Hall brings more than 30 years experience in the communications industry, more than 20 of those years driving, paying and (emotionally) supporting her two athletes.

Lisa is an expert resource on competitive cheer, sexual abuse, bullying and adolescent mental health for USA Today, Sportico, Disney Moms Panel, Inside Cheerleding Cheer Biz News and Sweety High. Her bylines have appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, ABC news,, MSNBC and numerous Associated Press news articles.

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